About The 12 Traditions

See the reasons why our organization stood the test of time.

What is the 12 Traditions?

The 12 Traditions of AA are core principles. These have laid the groundwork in other 12 step programs currently in existence. They were introduced in the Alcoholics Anonymous book (or the “Big Book”). Since then, the 12 Traditions have created a culture within Alcoholics Anonymous. A culture in which everyone recovers together. The Traditions provide the answers to two questions. How can AA function as a whole and continue to serve its purpose in helping alcoholics recover?

The Traditions lays out how AA should function as a community and be able to help out their fellow members. As an example, one member may go through a life-altering event such as loss of employment or the death of a loved one. Events like this could likely trigger a potential relapse. It is the responsibility of other AA members to help out that individual. AA’s traditions also prohibit the group to endorse any entities outside of the group. This is to prevent the group from being shrouded in public controversies. In other words, issues such as politics and religion should not be part of the discussion or culture. It is encouraged that every member is treated as equal regardless of personal views

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