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The Life Inside the Center.

Life in an AA setting is a lot different from the outside. But once you learn the basic principles of AA, you’ll be able to apply them in all aspects of life. In an AA meeting or event, everyone in attendance knows why they’re here. And they all share the same common goal. An AA meeting takes place at the discretion of the group. Some are held at churches, community centers, schools, and conference rooms to name a few. The meetings may be held in an open or closed setting. Regardless, it is important for people to know when and where a meeting takes place.

Inside an AA meeting, group members share their stories. While the stories will not always be the same every meeting, each member always documents their progress to share with their fellow members. At the same time, they inspire to help those who may be in their first meeting to stick around and stay the course. In an AA meeting, no one judges anyone. That responsibility rests on God or the designated higher power.

Every AA meeting will feel like a second home. Group members will treat each other more like family. They hold each other accountable and will do everything in their will do achieve their goal in living sober by way of the two tenants: the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions. Both are the most important pillars of the AA organization, and neither one should ever be ignored. Not only should these pillars apply inside an AA meeting, but also outside of it in a person’s everyday life.

The 12 Traditions are an example of how a person should live even long after they’ve beaten alcoholism. These traditions can serve as a blueprint to a better, more fulfilling life for the recovering alcoholic.

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