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The Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Center in Edinburgh strives to help those dealing with alcoholism. This problem does not affect a specific walk of life or a group of people. Problems from alcohol can affect anyone including their friends and loved ones. Regardless of age, beliefs, or lifestyle, no one is immune to alcoholism.


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) was an organization created by Bill Wilson (best known to most as Bill W.) and Bob Smith. It was based on Bill’s meetings with a group known as The Oxford Group. Upon attending his first meeting, Bill W. decided that alcohol would . . 


The 12 Traditions of AA are core principles. These have laid the groundwork in other 12 step programs currently in existence. They were introduced in the Alcoholics Anonymous book (or the “Big Book”). Since then, the 12 Traditions have created a culture within Alcoholics Anonymous. A culture in which everyone recovers together. The Traditions provide . . 


Our 12 Traditions

About The First Tradition

The first of the 12 traditions promote unity . . .

About The Second Tradition

The second of the 12 Traditions addresses the . . .

About The Third Tradition

The third of the 12 Traditions sets the eligibility . . .

"The important thing to know is that you are not alone in this battle."

About The Fourth Tradition

The fourth tradition covers the topic of autonomy . . .

About The Fifth Tradition

The fifth tradition enables members of AA . . .

About The Sixth Tradition

Coming soon . . .

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About The Second Tradition

The second of the 12 Traditions addresses the leadership aspect of AA. The group must come to the understanding that…