Student Support

Youths are welcome to join our organization.

Addiction affects young or old individuals.

Alcoholism is a struggle that even affects the younger people of our population. The lesson is no one person is ever too young to struggle. Some begin their addiction to alcohol as a way to “fit in” with a crowd.

But even as a young person struggling with alcoholism, it can be a challenge to work up the courage to attend an AA meeting. At the same time, young people also worry about the social implications that come with beating their alcoholism. This could mean losing “friends” because of no longer taking part in the typical weekend party scene.

At the same time, they must also take note of the negative social implications that have stemmed from alcohol itself. Regardless, students and young people alike should take the necessary steps to recover from alcoholism. This starts by joining their local AA group. Another objection that students often face is being among a group of people where most of the members are much older.

Alcoholism can also pose as a danger to a student’s academics. Having consistently poor attendance and bad grades can result in failing out of school and never being able to attain a diploma or degree. Furthermore, many employers see these as requirements to secure a job. Without these qualifications, you could consider yourself out of the running. In other words, alcoholism can affect your schooling and will deny you of any opportunity to work a fulfilling career if it goes untreated.

AA is committed to providing a place for students who are in search of a solution to win their battle against alcoholism. While some meetings worldwide take place on campuses that are exclusive to students, you can find an off-campus meeting in your local area. Regardless, know that you will receive the same support as you overcome your struggle and help others do the same.

student support